Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9th 2016

March 9th  2016

Well done to everyone who sliced two days in the row. The challenge will be to keep going with 5 days out of school ! 

Ezmal  writes about his experience with the solar eclipse in Kuala Lumpur

Nam  tells about seeing the eclipse and explains how to make an eclipse viewer

Zaaviar  reflects about seeing the solar eclipse

Siyeon  imagines being a turtle

Elin  writes mmmmmm about marshmallows

Evie  gets colourful and creative with her marshmallow poetry

Minkyung  describes seeing the eclipse and writes a poem to celebrate it

Nico shows what a solar viewer looks like

Kang Xin  describes what happens during the eclipse

Mees  describes the eclipse beautifully 

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