Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Slice of Life March 2nd 2015

March 2nd  2016

Well done to everyone who sliced two days in a row!  Several more slicers today!  The challenge will be to keep going with 5 days out of school!   I hope today that we are applying more of our writing strategies to help our readers visualise the situations and experiences!  Please click the link to read the children's slices on their own blogs.

Ryan shares his excitement about a book swap

Mees  sees a rat in the kitchen

Pace shares his sadness at not having the costume to be Eragon

Nam  plays the drums a bit too noisily

Miguel explains a video game: Just Cause!

Zaaviar  paints us a picture of a basketball match

Sarah shares the joy of having dogs

Elin  transports us to Chinese New Year

Evie tell us why she loves her sister

Minkyung takes us with her to the ISAAC meet

Joico  dreams about ice cream

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